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10 advantages central vacuum

  1. Consumption  - Min. Energy consumption. Energy at max. of ventilation
  2. Electronics  - Soft start in most units ECS second generation, which extends engine life 
  3. Filtration  cyclonic - completely maintenance-free self-cleaning filter Gore-Tex or clean cyclones or individual SPLIT
  4. Container - large containers of 15-35 liters pojemność-
  5. The Atlis socket for housing in most of central processing units
  6. Silence - very quiet soundproof units of 60 (dBA) to 70 (dBA)
  7. Quality  - high quality and reliability of LCDs
  8. Hoses  and accessories - a new generation of hoses and accessories of the highest functional features, LED and unparalleled design
  9. Allergies  - met only help system that reduces allergic allergy symptoms (clinical UC-Davis)
  10. Tradition - 50 years BEAM Electrolux, HP Produkts (USA) Vacuflo, Nilfisk (Denmark) and Lindsay Manufacturing (USA) Vacumaid are technology leaders

Central Vacuum System have been designed with customers. Customers are increasingly looking for attractive products with advanced technology and health benefits. This is the answer to these requirements.