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Installer Guide


General thoughts

    Before mounting the bus and the suction unit, please read the instructions. This will prevent errors that may interfere with proper operation of the entire system.

    Installation of Central Vacuum System is an activity that does not require special tools or skills. The procedure is quite simple, if you will perform it carefully and attentively followed the instructions.

    Prior to the execution pits and drilling in the wall and ceiling, make sure that the selected location is adequate and do not hide it under no electrical cables or pipes.


    Planning is essential for success installation of central vacuum system.

    Determine which installation space suction outlets will be most convenient for the user's operating system and central vacuum.

    Location of the central unit

    CPU can be placed in the garage, basement, utility room or other place that is dry and sufficiently away from living quarters, to not hear the sound of the electric motor.

    To avoid overloading the circuit, the device must be operated in accordance with the specified indicators. The device must be installed in a place that is easy to empty the trash. The CPU needs to breathe ... it should not be closed.

    If the central unit is to be placed in the washroom or economic, must be ventilated. They are used for the door with ventilation slots. To reduce noise, use the silencer.

    When the length of the tube between the CPU and the outlet slot is greater than 6 meters is to decrease the linear resistance should be used for larger diameter pipes.

    Planning of suction sockets

    Suitably spaced suction socket ensure the proper and convenient use of the central vacuum cleaner for many years. Cleaning hose must be able to reach every corner of the house including the curtains and sanitary facilities. Perfect for placing the suction sockets are central places such as corridors or staircases lower parts. Avoid locations behind doors, or those which may in the future become furniture. When planning the location of suction outlets should be taken that the hose has a standard length of 9 m * .

    *  When planning can adopt other hose length of 7.5 m, 10.5 m, 12 m.

    Planning the installation process suction

    In buildings constructed pipe vertically extending suction system is mounted in a wall of the installation channels or furrows in the prepared of size. 60 x 60 mm.

    Horizontally running pipe can be carried out in the floor under the spout and using a space in the ceiling, suspending them in a basement ceiling by means of pipe clips and fixing the attic floor beams.

    To perform branch apply to: benign tees 90, tees 45, tees 2 x 45 °, tees 2 x 90 °.

    Pipes must be carried out along a straight line with a minimum number of bends.

    When it is necessary to change the direction of the tube is used only bends of 90 °, 45 ° elbows, 30 ° elbows.


    90 ° elbow short podejściowe 90 ° bend and tees 90 ° acute apply only to the pipe connection of the mounting plate of the suction slot.

    To avoid falls, gravity, hindering the work, because under the influence of gravity accumulating in the branches can pour dirt on the outside after opening the suction outlet, to connect to the pipeline should be performed horizontally or use a siphon.

    Gravity drops and incorrect assembly tees prevent proper air flow direction are the most common errors in the installation.


    Cutting and bonding PVC pipes and fittings


  • When cut to size pipes, make sure that the tube enters approximately 1.5 cm in molding. After each chamfering of the pipe, it should be shaped to fit the "dry" and check the orientation of the system.
  • Tubes should be cut off in a plane perpendicular to the axis. To do this, you can use a miter box.
  • The edges of the cut pipe must be smoothed using a knife or coarse sandpaper.
  • The adhesive is applied to the pipe (not molded) coating the entire surface of the pipe.
  • The pipe must be inserted into the fitting movement posuwistoóobrotowym the entire depth of the fittings.

    Paste the mounting plate


    The mounting plate are pasted after the approach to it. Tile should be glued so as to flush with the wall and its upper surface is horizontal (it affects the proper installation of the suction slot in both planes).

    After pasting the plates are screwed to the wall on the dowels - 6 mm.

    Keeping 24V electrical system to control the central unit


    Start-up of the vacuum cleaner automatically after the closing of the control circuit fed to the suction socket contact. A closed circuit directly after the hose is inserted into the slot of the suction (air hose) or in the case of a hose version lux after inserting it into the suction and the selector switch is in the hose handle. The control device uses twisted-pair cable of small diameter, for example. SNYP - 0.75 mm 2 .

    The cable can be carried out in two ways:

  • each slot of the suction unit to separate conductors 
  • from the socket to the outlet connecting pipes in parallel.


    In the event of highly branched installation of the wires from the individual branches are combined at the central unit.

    In place of connection sockets, leave approx. 20 cm clearance allows the freedom to screw the cable to the socket contacts.

    When wiring is not necessary to mount the suction outlets that will be needed only during the installation of the central unit. In these places should be mounted so. cover for plastering. They protect the system against clogged defunct building materials. They allow you to safely plaster wall sockets around without fear of destroying them, if they were already installed. When mounting the unit, remove the cover for plastering, and in their place the suction mount the appropriate slot.

    Installation of suction socket starts from the low-voltage wiring. To do this:

  • separate electrical lead wire and pull the isolation to approx. 1 cm
  • turn together in pairs isolated electrical conductor segments,
  • loosen the screws of the suction slot and insert the non-twisted isolated electrical conductor segments and tighten.



    Note:  Do not completely unscrew the screws. This may cause the springs jumping out of the pressing contact contact. Press the same socket to the mounting plate without using glue, because the gasket on the mounting plate provide sufficient tightness. When installing the suction outlets should pay special attention to the screws that secure socket were not excessively tightened. If during operation of the system is the leak slot heard, it means that the mounting screws loosen.