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Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy sets out the rules for storage and access to information on devices using User Cookies, aimed at the implementation of electronic services requested by the user, by CEDROM CENTRUM AX Warsaw Al.Jerozolimskie 228 NIP: PL5371143481

I. Definitions

Administrator - AXOdkurzacze means that service been provided electronically and stores and accesses information in user devices. 
Cookies - means computer data, in particular small text files that are saved and stored on the device through which the user uses the websites of the Service. 
Administrator Cookies - Cookies is published by the Administrator, related to the provision of services electronically by the Administrator through the Service. 
External Cookies - Cookies is published by partners Administrator, through the website of the Service. 
Service - means a website or web application that runs a website administrator, acting in domain , 
device - is an electronic device through which the user accesses the Website. 
User - means the entity on whose behalf in accordance with the Rules and laws can be provided electronically or services which may be concluded service contracts electronically.

II. Types of cookies used

  1. Cookies used by the Administrator are safe for your Device. In particular, this route is not possible to penetrate Device Users viruses or other unwanted software or malware. These files allow you to identify the software used by the User and individually adjust each User Service. Cookies typically contain the name of the domain from which they originate, their storage time on your Device and assigned a value.
  2. The administrator uses two types of cookies:
    1. Session Cookies: they are stored on your device and remain there until the end of the browser session. The recorded information is permanently deleted from the memory. The mechanism does not allow session cookies to retrieve any personal data or any confidential information from the user equipment.
    2. Persistent cookies: They are stored on your device and remain there until you delete them. The end of the session, the browser or disable the devices does not delete them from your Device. The mechanism does not allow permanent cookies to retrieve any personal data or any confidential information from the user equipment.
  3. The user has the ability to limit or disable access to your cookies devices. If you use this option, the use of the Service will be possible, in addition to the functions which, by their nature, require cookies.

III. The purposes for which they are used Cookies

  1. Custom administrator uses cookies for the following purposes:
    1. configuration service
      1. adapt Web content to the Service User preferences and to optimize the use of the websites of the Service.
      2. Service User identification device and its location and properly display the web page tailored to their individual needs;
      3. remember the settings chosen by the user and personalize the user interface, eg. in terms of the language or region from which the user
      4. remember the history of visited pages on the site for content recommendation,
      5. font size, appearance, website, etc.
    2. User authentication service and to ensure the user's session on the site
      1. maintenance of the Service User sessions (after logging in), so the user does not have on every page of the Service re-enter login and password;
      2. proper configuration of selected functions of the Service, in particular allowing verification of the authenticity of the browser session.
      3. optimize and increase the efficiency of services provided by the Administrator.
    3. Processes necessary for full functionality of websites:
      1. adapt Web content to the Service User preferences and to optimize the use of the websites of the Service. In particular, these files allow you to recognize the basic parameters of the User Equipment and properly display the web page tailored to their individual needs;
      2. correct handling of the affiliate program, allowing in particular the verification of sources redirects users to the service website.
    4. Remember the user's location
      1. proper configuration of selected functions of the Service, allowing in particular the alignment of the information provided to the User with regard to its location.
    5. Analysis and research and audit audience
      1. create anonymous statistics that help to understand how the Service Users benefit from web pages of the Website, which allows improving their structure and content;
    6. Advertising services
      1. adaptation presented through the Service advertising products and services
    7. Ensure the safety and reliability of the service
  2. The administrator uses cookies external services for the following purposes:
    1. collect general and anonymous data via static analysis tools, eg. Google Analytics, Gemius Traffic,
    2. serve ads tailored to user preferences using the tools of internet advertising,
    3. the use of interactive features in order to promote the site using social networking sites:
  3. presenting reviews on the Website that are downloaded from an external web site:

IV. To determine the conditions of storage or access by Cookies

  1. User can, at any time to change your cookie settings, specifying the terms of storing and accessing the files to the Device User Cookies. Changes to the settings referred to in the previous sentence, you can make the settings using a web browser or using the service configuration. These settings can be changed in particular in such a way as to block the automatic handling of cookies in your web browser configuration or inform them each time posting on the device's Cookies. Detailed information about the possibilities and ways of handling cookies are available in the software settings (web browser).
  2. The user may at any time remove files cookies using the features available in the Web browser it uses.
  3. Restricting the use of these cookies may affect some of the functionality available on the Website.

V. Processing of data

  1. The data controller processes the personal data of users and to the extent necessary for their use of the Service.
  2. The administrator can process your personal data for marketing purposes unless the user has given its separate consent.
  3. The user has the right to amend, update, rectification of personal data, temporary or permanent suspension of their processing or removal if they are incomplete, outdated, untrue or collected in violation of the law or are no longer needed for the purpose for which they were collected.
  4. Data Administrator reserves the right to refuse to remove user data if their retention is necessary for the implementation of the claims, or if required by applicable law.
  5. Data collected by the Administrator of personal data can be accessed only by authorized employees or associates Administrator data and authorized persons responsible for the site, which has been granted the appropriate power of attorney.
  6. Your personal data may be made available to entities authorized to receive them under applicable laws, in particular the relevant judicial authorities.
  7. The data controller declares that processes personal data by users in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997. On the protection of personal data and that applies technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of the processed data appropriate to the risks and category of data being protected, in particular, protects your personal data before making them available to unauthorized persons, loss or damage.